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We provide e-learning & hybrid training solutions to help Caribbean Leaders upskill key talent and gain a competitive edge.

Power Up Your Teams

Leaders worldwide increasingly realise that failing to upskill their talent is just plain bad for business.

In the Caribbean our people are especially vulnerable to changing techniques, technology and increased global competition.

You need a workforce that has the skills to compete and the ability to adapt to a world that is rapidly changing.

Our e-courses and hybrid training solutions deliver knowledge from Caribbean practitioners who share global and local perspectives to advance your teams and provide data-driven insight into your return on training investment.


HR Manager,
Hanschell Inniss

“Our Brand Managers were impressed by the overall e-learning experience. They expressed that the Brand Management Course was a great refresher course, very informative and the self-paced approach was a bonus.

The Academy team were very supportive throughout the whole process, from onboarding to reporting to ongoing check-ins. Great customer and learner experience overall.”



Business Bootcamp e-Course Catalogue

E-learning enhanced retention rates on average by 25-60% and is now a critical part of modern training. Our rapidly growing catalogue of e-courses provides leaders with tools that address two key needs:

  • Core Job Effectiveness – Online courses that deliver job skills across functions including marketing, sales, HR and beyond, helping your employees become better at their jobs with accessible on-demand training on their terms. Interactive quizzes keep them on their toes and give you insight into their completion and retention.
  • Transformation, Mindset and Trends – Our courses focus on arming your employees with the skills needed to adapt and evolve in today’s rapidly changing environments. Transformation and mindset courses allow them to grow into confident professionals, teammates, and leaders, and trends and social education keep them in the know about topics that shape our world now and in the future.

Hybrid Training Solutions

E-Courses provide a great value and ability to deliver training at scale, but sometimes there’s no substitute for training with engagement and participation. Hybrid training gives you the best of both worlds, blending our online courses with interactive tutors, case studies and other solutions that help you engage learners and encourage learning.

Unlock The Knowledge Of In-House Experts With Custom Course Development

We can work with you to develop custom course content that unlocks the knowledge of your in-house experts. When you’ve got proprietary training to deliver or require the development of unique training content that can scale: we can help you! We can use our course development expertise to help you build courses that complement the learning in our e-courses or hybrid learning solutions.

Building In-House Universities And Deploying Learning Management Solutions

It can be extremely daunting to research, assess and deploy learning management solutions or build your company’s universities and learning libraries. Our team can help you navigate the many steps to find a solution that works well for your business and deliver access to learning and courses across our courses, your courses and third parties.

Academy Benefits

Upskill Your

Upskilling your employees is key to keeping up with the dynamic and sometimes disruptive work environment.

Cultivate A Growth Mindset

Cultivating a growth mindset will allow your organisation to succeed. Our courses help employees go further, so they have those “Oh! I get it now” moments.

Boost The ROI Of Your Training

Managing your employees’ progress is vital to ensure they are learning all and applying their knowledge to their current roles.

Gain A Competitive Edge

Once employees gain further insight that assists them with their current role, they will now have the competitive edge that will help your organisation.

On-Demand Content

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